Question for Jimmy Wales

I love wikipedia, it is my favourite site bar none, the freedom of information and the knowledge contained is immense and the openness and user support base is unrivalled, it is a wonderful resource and must be sustained forever the future of all mankind. 

I see a lot of "ads" to donate money to support the wikimedia foundation, I dont like donating online. I prefer more subtle ways of revenue generation. I would just like to venture a different scenario. I know thta Jimmy Wales promised never to use wikipedia as an ad serving platform. 

There is an short term simple solution...

Opt In Advertising

Instead of pledging a donation amount, I would be more than happy to *choose* to have ads shown to me, I know I probably contribute at least 200 page views on wikipedia a month. If there were premium ads running on wikipedia, it could be a lot of raised money if 100 000 people with similar motives "opted in". 

I would classify "opt in" advertising as higher quality than general run of the mill display ads. In fact, if instead of the beggng and pleading apprach from the leaders of the wikimedia foundation, a reasonable request to reasonable people to try opt-in advertising might evn raise more money... 

Just an Idea...

Here is a picure of San Francisco

and New York


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