The worst travel reviews. Ever.

According to these reviews, finding a quality holiday rental for your vacation is harder than it looks. 

Username: Justmelmam

Chris, the owner claims to have over 16 years in hospitality. I don't know how as she is the most awful person to engage with. Our rooms were fine and the housekeeper was kind. We had no issues until breakfast when we were told that men get 2 eggs and women get 1 egg we thought it was a joke until when we placed our hot breakfast order, we each got one egg

Username: Chazroy

My self [sic] and my misses booked 3 nights here, and all seem good and well from the pics and reviews. But got there and the rooms are nothing like the pictures. Our first room air con was pathetic (you could do better fanning yourself) and the bathroom smelt of sewage!!! We moved rooms next door, was very dark but seemed better. We went out for the evening and returned to a COCKROACH in our bathroom!! Don't know how it got in or how it appeared all doors and Windows were shut.

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dateStamp: 2013-12-09 10:37:01
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