The Formula for a Heart?

So I tried to explain the concept of this new project last week and it seems like 10 people checked it out. Its way more important than that. There is no standard dimesion yet for a perfect heart - this is a quest to find that standard.

So It seems that I need to explain what is going on here a bit more carefully, this is basically a tool that can help you draw any kind of heart you want. I had to do a full autopsy on the heart and figure out what makes it beat. The traditional heart is at its essence 6 curves pieced together there are two curvee that make up the "ears" and another curve that make the "tail".

I have made it as easy as possible to change these coordinates at the link below - but here is a quick explanation:



These are the coordinates you are entering, the "le" is the length of the tail

You can go negative when you enter the values, essentially they work with bezier curves which are well documented here. The co-ordinates refer to a 4000x4000 grid that is the container for the heart plot. When you are on the homepage then you are looking at 20 random hearts to help you on the way, refreshing the page will load more hearts. 

Here is a gif of the coordinates changing to show the way the bezier works.


There is a new version coming out that has the ability to add a further curve in the tail, I will link to that as soon as I have finalized the voting system - the voting system is the crux I believe - when people can vote for their version of the perfect heart the better dimesions will emerge.

The Perfect Heart

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