The Future

Science Fiction is one of my passions, I have read most authors - certainly not everything they have written but I have treid to get a taste of everything so that I can absorb more of what I like best. I find that the near future speculative works are the best, simply because the plots are so much more tangible and accessible. 

What is becoming scary is the rate atwhich the world is poised to change. I have been reading about incredible new technologies that are ready for production, ready for roll-out. But it seems there is some kind of choke, am I simply reading too much about the new tech that it seems more pervasive than it really is or is it something else. 

I dont think the world is ready yet for a lot fo the important world changing ideas, there have been a myriad of examples where the tech is too advanced and does not get picked up en-masse. This irritates me no end. It seems as though there is societal fear for technology, people camoflague their fear as "haterzz" like droid delivery and wearable tech, this stuff should already be rolled out. Nobody has figured out how to get around silly old fashioned legislation in order to get this stuff rolled out properly.

I think we need to form new legislation on a more open source flexible format, shorter leases for wireless frequencies and airspace strata. The FCC in the USA and ICASA and other organizations around the world are hampering the growth of private decentralized networks - the NSA and other snoops are spending vast amounts of time and resources monitoring the wrong shit. The truly secret conversations are happening right in front of them without them knowing about it. The vast majority of these expenses is monitoring the 99.99999% of harmless crap. Sure every now and then the advantage of knowing everything might lead to some extra "leads" patterns may converge and lead to somethign but it is no more worthwhile than opportunism from an intelligent agent. In fact storing a billion shopping lists and a trillion tweets is mostly a waste of time. 

Anyway I am getting sidetracked. My point is we are beign held back by old fashioned governments, there is a massive opportunity to create a new country - somewhere in siberia or the sahara, perhaps on the sargasso sea with all the garbage, a place where technology can grow unhindered. I would be keen to move there, fuck it lets go to mars.


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