How many iPhones is this mansion worth?

Taking a drive up the hill to have a look at some of the newest extravagant properties has become an exciting pastime that has many of us crying ourselves to sleep. A house of that calibre may forever be out of our reach. It is this realistic sentiment that has encouraged us to compare the value of some of these lavish properties to the number of modern phones they are worth, to put into perspective how valuable these mansions truly are.

4-Bedroom apartment in Durban, R17.9 million

Flat in Durban

With 360 degree views of the beautiful Durban coastline, a fully equipped, modern kitchen and a rooftop pool, this is luxury on a next level. Don’t get too excited, because this beautiful view comes with a price. At R17.9 million, the penthouse is worth about 1900 useful 32 GB iPhone 5’s. That’s enough iPhones to hand out to each student at an overcrowded public school.

4-Bedroom house in Linksfield Ridge, R30 million

House in Linksfield Ridge

This luxury abode is built over 5 levels and has its own lift. With views from all 4 bedrooms over the economic hub of Sandton City, a wrap-around patio and sparkling infinity pool, it is no surprise that this house is selling for an astounding R30 million. Beautiful as it is, this mansion will set you back about 3300 of the 32GB iPhone 5’s. You could legitimately hand one out to each person seated in the world-famous La Scala theatre in Milan, and still have a few hundred left to pass out in the streets.

6-Bedroom house in Camps Bay, R300 million

Enigma Mansion

This is easily South Africa’s most expensive and opulent residence. No, not residence. Palace. This is where the celebrities and royal families prefer spending their nights, and where they enjoy a leisurely stroll through the 7 000 m² private gardens. With uninterrupted views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, it is in this palace where the answers to life must be found. Pay up with 33 300 iPhone 5’s – you could hand one iPhone 5 to every native German speaker in the country of Namibia.

Next time you take a drive up the hill, perhaps this change in perspective will have you thinking twice over envying the inviting contours of these fancy houses.

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