Bitcoin eBusking

So I added a Bitcoin donate button on the bottom of this site, There has always been e-Whoring and e-Begging - I see a new trend of E-Busking and if you like this donate, I am more likely to spend bitcoins online than traditional money using paypal. Currently this account has zero in it and I am going to wander around the web eBusking, either people will pay me for my wonderful singing or pay me to go away. 

The newMafia eProtection syndicate, if you pay me I will stop trolling real people and I will troll the trolls. 

Anyway thats all folks - thought I might explain what the new banner is on the bottom of this page, if you are bitrich please donate - I am poor.

And this image is a virtual map of when people are online - made with a botnet. I like the eShadow moving with the daylight. We will also see different levels during different seasons. Love to see this data annually.

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