I recently had the pleasure of staying at Moloko Executive Apartment and Hotel in Sandton. I had just moved to johannesburg and only took posession of our house later that month. Moloko was a pleasure, convenient located in a quiet street just off Grayston Drive, it was next to a shopping centre and extremely central for my meetigns in Sandton. 

I didnt realize what an aparthotel was until I stayed at one, its like a mix between a city apartment and a hotel. well I imagine that is fairly obvious but it really is like a remote home.

The concept of the aparthotel is relatively new, dating back to the seventies in the US where business travel takes you far from home for long periods of time. Most hotelaparts, aparthotels or apartels have got washer dryers, a fully equipped kitchen and fridge, allwoign you the flexibility to prepare your own food if you get bored of the fare provided - in my case, moloko provided some great food.

Apart Hotels Johannesburg

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