Dear Advertisers,

Please do not use compulsory advertising on content sites.


Dear Publishers,

Please do not use compulsory adverts on your videos.


Dear Consumers,

Please do not watch videos when you have to view an unskippable ad to see the content


Dear Sharers,

Please do not share content from sites that use compulsory advertising. 


Dear sharers, advertisers, publishers and consumers 

Do not let this scourge continue. Compulsory advertising is annoying and unneccessary - it wastes my time, I work - I use the internet a lot for work - I do research - I have to scurry down a lot of rabbit holes to find what I need to find. I do not need to see a 60 second ad before I consume 25 seconds of content. Seriously. Stop it. 

My new approach is to immediately close the page when I see a site that uses unskippable advertising. I take note of the site and I leave. If everybody did this then we would quickly stop the trend.

When your site does this you will turn off your consumers. 

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by: User Number 1
dateStamp: 2015-09-04 14:21:51
Category: Daily Rant