Wild West Internet

The internet was the new frontier - it was beautiful both a verdant fountain of opportunity and a wasteland waiting for seeds and water - I was there in the early nineties it was amazing to be part of the emergence of the most significant development of mankind. Anybody could be the king, anybody could be the fool, the hero, nobody knew - it was an even playing field the black hats roamed the west, there was no law, no rules - we watched those emerge - we pitchforked the ones we didnt like and some made rules to prevent it happeing again. We watched rules emerge and lost sight of what this was. A free open place where anyone can be anybody.


We didnt notice when they pulled the rug from under us - well some people did - stallman was always there but he was not enough. the facebooks and googles managed to hijack the worlds most open, free and beautiful resource an organic entity, unowned and unbridaled - it has been stifled and frozen into a corporate playpen - what happened to cyberspace - it was hijacked by baby faced people in the pockets of capitalists.

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