The Return of the Server Side Tracking

The return of server side tracking has been rapidly accelerated. It's been coming for some time. The adoption of ad-blockers has gone wild - its no longer nerds and tin-foil-hatters using it - its everybody. Your data is no longer safe in the clouds. Whats more, the advent of ghost referrer spam is only helping speed this move to server side tracking. Javascript based tracking is so simple and painless - so simple that it allowed spammers to abuse it.  

Its a Lot harder to include tracking at render time if you arent your own site admin. I am talking about hosted services - they will be the ones to struggle (wordpress.com, blogspot etc) 

Google analytics works at server side and most scripts include it at this level - the switch for devs to server side tracking will be super easy but not for most people. Server trackign used ot be all there was until somehtign called urchin came along. I suspect that there will be a requirement for a session id for multi page sessions. Maybe I am being paranoid but I am juz making sure I am ready for anything.


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