African Safari and Travel

The perfect african safari is still available, not a thing of the past but a reality, travel like the colonial explorers in luxury in some of the most breathtaking locations on the planet. 

A safari is a magical experience in the wilds of Africa, totally catered and luxurious - your options are quite varied - Africa is huge and offer a lot of different experiences.

Ideas of where you can go for an Epic African Safari: 

Serengeti Safari - classic destination where you can kiss the rains in the shadow of kilimanjaro

Victoria Falls Holidays - luxurioussetting in the most stunning location that took livingstones breath away 

Okavango Delta Safari - A massive and lush oasis of life in the dry Botswanan wilderness 

Ngorongoro Safari - the jewel of Tanzania the ngorongoro crater offers majestic views of African savanna

Sossusvlei Dune Safari - The most photogenic place in the world - sossusvlei is a proper desert with massive dunes

Have a look around - alwasy choose luxury - it adds to  the majesty of the trip.

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