Brands as art

All of the worlds potential best artists are right now working for an advertising firm. We are living in an age where creativity is a currency more than ever, there are more professional artists workign now than have ever lived - but where are the greats? 

I have a theory that all of the great artists in the world are holed up on the production floor of an advertising agency, having the majortiy of their ideas tossed into file 13. While that might sound depressing, it does open the door to another theory. Brands are art. 

Its no surprise that on an even production field - i.e. where two products are identical in chemical composition, the primary differentiator in their success in the market is the advertising surrounding the product. Whether it be by a clever creatvie ad or a clever social campaign, the marketing efforts largely deterine the success.

Why do we wear luxury fashion accessorie over functional equivalents a fraction of the price? The outward projection of ourselves is a creative process, what we wear represents our artistic expression. It is not a great leap that the expression of these products in the marketplace is an extension of their art. 

The advertisers are the great artists of this age. Some advertising campaigns enter your homes in amazingly crafted ways, finely produced artistic pieces that inspire and affect you in many ways. Obviously thee is some crap out there but well crafted adverts are art in the purest form.


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