Hyperloop: Why we must invest in new technology

The Hyperloop is a new type of transport, a combination between a train and a tethered aircraft capable of immense speed and great economy.

Entrepeneur and all around wizard Elon Musk has put his weight behind this open model for transport that has existed in some way shape of form in science fiction and theory for many years - it has evolved and developed through some group-thinking techno pioneers.

the hyperloop

Sketch of the Hyper loop - from spacex.com

It is a steel pipe with most of the air sucked out that uses mag lev to propel a vessel through a series of very broad arcs to accommodate terrain. That is it. extremely simple concept, safer than air travel and relatively quiet in comparison to a jet engine. 

With an estimated 1100 kilometres per hour average speed, the hyperloop is mindbogglingly fast, it will be a fun ride. a 6 hour drive becomes a half hour ride. 

As a collective, we have to invest in technology like this - it is only in implementation and use of this kind of tech that we uncover new ways to improve things. If we dont try these new things we will not progress, and if that were the case, we wouldn't have made it *into* the stone age. 

The future of Clarke and Asimov is here and we need to nurture it, ideas like this need backing - not a kickstarter, a real public works department ready to invest in a technology that will benefit all mankind. In Johannesburg we have just spent billions on a new rail system for the very short commute between Pretoria and Johanneburg, with a hyperloop this journey could be done in 5 minutes or less. 

Of all the outlandish and far-fetched transport systems from science fiction from gravity wells to space elevators, this is something that is feasible and entirely possible with todays construction techniques and technology.



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